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 A Zero Waste Solution

Malaysia Biodegradable Products Supplier

Lets differentiate our business & our practice …

Unfortunately, there is significant growth in waste products and packaging, as the continuous population growth on our planet.

Thus, this definitely requires a different approach to the current waste disposal methods.

The non-degradable material disposal is causing a huge environmental impact on our planet.

Why is that we choose to use non-degradable food containers while it’s aimed to be served withing 15 minutes?

Why not considering the available alternatives at the same cost for a healthier environment?

Did you know it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to decomposed in landfills?

Therefore, let’s not be a part of this. Since all starts with us & our choice of material!

Biogreen International Sdn Bhd provides wide range of biodegradable products in Malaysia that can be easily decomposed naturally by

soil bacteria into organic and safe waste material. Our goals is to supply quality biodegradable materials to match your business

needs & standards as well as our environment.

As Malaysia biodegradable products supplier, we offer quality biodegradable products for your business daily activities such as: disposable tableware (cup, spoon, fork & plate),

bio-waste bags (industrial & residential), carrier bags (shopping bags), rigid packaging (manufacturing) and flexible packaging

(pouching and sealing).

Our products are 100% biodegrade and no trees cut to make these materials.  All naturally made using tapioca and corn.

Lets take the first step to the greener environment. Contact us for more information.

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