Durian Coffee

The World's Finest Durian (3 in 1) Coffee

Durian Coffee - World's Greatest Arabica Coffee Fused with Musang King Durian

Musang King Durian Coffee
Musang King Durian Coffee
Musang King Durian Coffee

Musang King Durian (3 in 1) Coffee

Our premium quality durian (3 in 1) coffee is delicious and ready to be served instantly.

It is made of arabica coffee fused with Malaysia’s greatest fruit Musang King Durian.

It is beautifully packed in powdered form and to be mixed with hot water.

Try once.. aroma & taste will make you fall in love.

We offer free delivery in KL areas for quantity order greater than 20 box.


We are a global Musang King Durian 3 in 1 Coffee Supplier .. To place an order please contact us.


Nutrition of Musang King Durian 

Musang King Durian is considered among the leaders of fruits at high nutrient density and balance.

Containing vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and incredible source of protein.

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Health Benefits of Coffee

Refreshing mind – Simulates the central nerves, enhances brain and performance efficiency

Promote blood circulation – Prevent thrombosis and reduce risk of stroke

Appetizer food – Simulates stomach to secrete gastric acid, prevent gastropod

Slimming – Caffeine activating digestive organs and burn fat

Odor removal – Strong absorption on taste

Improve physical strength – The Caffeine Can Drastically enhance physical performance

Provide essential nutrients – Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Manganese and Potassium

Protective effect – Coffee helps to protect liver


Health Benefits of Durian 

Relief menstrual pain

Healthy spleen

Energy booster

Strengthen Kidney


Body warmer

Blood circulation

Relief cold

Promote collagen