Stingless Bee Honey

What makes stingless bee honey more valuable than normal honey?

Stingless Bee Honey

100% Natural¬†Stingless Bee Honey – Natural and totally unique sourced from Malaysia’s native forest.

Stingless bee – honey is considered to be the most nutritious honey than other types and its known for its medicinal values. This honey is twice as nutritious as ordinary honey, according to the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (Mardi). Stingless bees are much smaller than the usual honey bees which are not bigger than 5 mm in average. A unique feature of the bees is that they are not stingers.

The flower of many antibacterial and anti-fungal medicinal shrubs and herbs are very small. Normal honey bees are much bigger in size and not able to take away the nectar and pollen for these nutritious flowers.

They are adapted to tropical conditions where honey bees may not thrive while they are stingless and therefore pose no threat to people or animals. This honey is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-biotic effects. And mainly is renowned in Africa and Asia for :

treating digestion problems,

suppressing coughs,

boosting immunity.


Stingless Bee Honey

These bees are only found in tropical climates, and due to their small size they produce much less honey than the typical honey bee. Honey bees can produce up to 50 times more honey than the stingless bees, which makes the stingless bee honey rare and thus more expensive.

Madu Kelulut can be found across Malaysia, usually in the more rural areas, and are used by the locals more as a medicine than a condiment because of its rarity. Stingless bee honey also contains much less sugar than regular honey, which is why it has a tangy taste. It’s also supposedly not as ‘heaty’ as normal honey.


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